Join several American cricket fans and bloggers during the USA v. Namibia WT20 Qualifier Match for live discussion about the sport from a US perspective.  The audio feed will be posted here as will auto-generated ball-by-ball text commentary.

Special Guests:


  • Jon Marthaler, “Minnesota’s eleventh-greatest unpaid and ignored sportswriter”, JonMarthaler.com
  • David Mutton (Tentative), Writer, Blogger and Storyteller, The Silly Mid Off
  • Stephen Rooke, Cricket Blogger, USCricketer.com

Couldn’t Listen Live?

We understand that the game was played in the middle of the night and this was inconvenient for most Americans. Audio recordings on the pod/broadcast are posted below so you can listen on your own schedule.

Download Podcast

Download Replay [USCricketer.com]

Download Replay [RapidShare]

Live Auto-generated Ball-by-Ball Commentary

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